Achieving a Premium Metal Finish for Your Project

There is an increasing desire for commercial and residential projects to adopt tailored solutions that align perfectly with their customers’ conceptual ideas and represent their brand. At Revelare, we understand that achieving a premium metal finish is paramount for those who desire a bespoke project and keeping within a budget. This is where our range of innovative liquid metal paint finishes comes into play, offering a real metal finish that is both affordable and stunningly beautiful.

What is Liquid Metal?

Our liquid metal paint finishes provide a sprayed-on veneer of real metal that combines the distinguished tactility of metal with the effortless versatility of paint. We use liquid metal mixtures comprised of 100% metal powders that are applied using spray technology that can be applied to any substrate. Working collaboratively with our clients, we create finishes that are bespoke to their projects by offering a wide range of looks from polished, aged, antiquing, brushed or textured. We are continually adding new finishes to our range and developing commissions based on a client’s specific need.

Benefits of Liquid Metal


Revelare’s liquid metal is designed for beauty and impact, but also offers flexibility and excellent surface durability. It’s applied through a cold process, ensuring that delicate substrates are not compromised. The application creates a veneer of real metal replicating all its natural characteristics of durability, decorative appeal and impact.


Our liquid metal can be applied to almost any substrate in any shape, offering a seamless metal coating solution that is both versatile and effective.

Variety of Choice

We aspire to be the home of finishes, offering the widest selection of choices possible. This extends to the liquid metal range by providing metal options and a vast catalogue of finishes.


During our sampling phase, you’ll dive into the full scope of finishes we offer, from traditional metals like bronze, iron, and titanium to more extravagant designs like rose gold and gunsmoke silver. We even offer modifiers to alter the texture of the finish, allowing for a truly personalised creation.

Affordable Luxury

Our liquid metal allows for a lightweight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces. The veneer coatings we apply combine the substrate with surface materials for bold and innovative designs.

Artisan Techniques

By choosing Revelare, you’ll be supporting artisan techniques that our team uses to create bespoke finishes that are truly one-of-a-kind. We’re a team of problem solvers that work hard to fulfil any request no matter how challenging it may seem. We aim to create a dramatic visual backdrop for your space that combines craftsmanship with the appeal of real metal surfaces.

What are the Options for Liquid Metal Applications?

The applications for liquid metal are endless. There is no shortage of ways to introduce a luxury look and feel onto a substrate, from one-of-a-kind furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), to room renovation projects to breathe new life into spaces.

Our team of artisans have lent their expertise to new build, refurbishment, renovation and remodelling projects in both commercial and residential sectors, becoming a trusted partner for those looking to elevate a surface to a statement piece with a unique finish. If you desire a personalised finish that stands out and tells a story, our array of liquid metal finishes offers an opportunity to add the “extra” to the ordinary.

Revelare’s transformative liquid metal paint finishes blend aesthetic appeal with practicality for those looking to redefine their spaces with innovative and quality design. Our artisan team is ready to help with any questions you may have or ideas you’d like to pitch. Contact our team today for more information, or request a sample for ideas on your bespoke build. Create an individual statement with Revelare’s surface finishes.

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