Mirror Glaze finish

The Mirror Glaze finish from revelare produces a high sheen and clean, uniform mirrorlike glaze. This coating is a chrome effect that resembles a metallic liquid finish, so please don’t hesitate to consult with our team to determine the most appropriate metallic finish for your specific project.

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Specialist Mirror Glaze

Vicrom finish

The Vicrom finishes from revelare are ideal for product applications that require a vibrant, chromatic effect in colours that complement or contrast with the product or its surroundings. Shown in gold, the tinted coating can be produced in a wide assortment of colours for your project requirements.

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Specialist Vicrum Gold

We are always expanding possibilities depending on the desired long-term look.

Other finishes

There are unlimited variations in the type of achievable finish, expanding the possible solutions available for a project. We continue to research and explore new ideas in how liquid metal finishes can transform a product or surface. A metal finish can be; left to age naturally,

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