Case Study: Bespoke Reception Desk


We were commissioned to design, manufacture and finish a bespoke reception desk for AMA Studio, a luxury boutique hair atelier in London. The available space for the desk was narrow, and the client had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve – something that reflected the overall experience of visiting their salon.

AMA Studio uses the finest quality natural and organic hair products available, and they wanted their reception desk to reflect this approach. Impressed with the previous work we’d done with nature-inspired liquid metal paint finishes, the client decided to choose us to bring their vision to life.

From the initial enquiry, we were able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the brief and provide a range of solutions that worked aesthetically, practically and financially for the client.

Reception Desk - AMA Studio, London
Design Draft


The design process began with the selection of paint finish. The client opted for a cracked liquid metal brass paint with an antique effect, which was inspired by the coastal rock formations of the south coast. This paint effect was utilised in combination with sections of highly polished brass with a slightly patinated finish.

The liquid metal paint created both the look and feel of a real metal surface, while alternative application techniques allowed us to create the cracked rock effect the client wanted. To add patina to the brass, we applied chemicals which aged the material, giving it a warm, antique look.

With the finishes agreed upon, we began developing the initial concept sketches and ideas into working drawings and renders for the client to view. Throughout each of these stages, we worked closely with the client to enable them to see how their ideas were going to look in reality.


We trialled several different desk designs to balance the client’s desire for a very angular surround within what was a very tight space. Once the design was finalised, we manufactured trial panels to ensure the client could see how the desk would look. With the client happy, we went ahead and produced the final unit. Wherever possible, the materials used were either sustainably sourced or easily recyclable.

The design stage took around eight weeks from the initial concept through to construction drawings, while the construction and finishing phase took a further four weeks.


The client was extremely impressed not only with the end result, but with the process we used to create it. Based on the feedback we received, we feel that we exceeded their expectations across the board.

Summing up their experience of working with us, the client said: “This is great. We appreciate all the extra effort and work that this reception desk entails. Our launch event was a success and the reception desk looks amazing. We are so grateful – everyone is raving about it!”

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