Creative Surface Finish Applications

Embracing innovative materials is key to creating captivating and memorable projects in design and architecture. Liquid metal, a versatile and aesthetically rich material, is gaining popularity for its unique qualities and the bespoke finishes it can achieve. This post explores the range of applications of custom surface finishes in architecture, interior design, and beyond, showcasing how Revelare’s bespoke approach can transform ordinary projects into something extraordinary.


Liquid metal finishes are an excellent choice for architectural facades, offering both durability and a visually stunning finish that can withstand the elements. Through our cold spray and trowelled application, we are able to create intricate patterns and textures allowing architects to design facades, metal wall panels and more components that are not only structurally sound but also artistically compelling. Whether aiming for a polished, aged, or uniquely textured appearance, liquid metal can be tailored to meet any architectural vision, enhancing the building’s overall aesthetic and environmental resilience.

Interior Design

In interior design, the application of liquid metal transforms any surface – whether it be walls, furniture or fixtures – into standout pieces that add character and style to any space. The ability to provide a liquid metal coating to any surface to elevate its look and feel allows designers to incorporate unique finishes into their projects. Its effect is particularly striking as a home or kitchen cabinet/door finish, where its reflective qualities can brighten and enlarge room perceptions, providing affordable luxury.

Cars & Motorcycles

Immortalise a vehicle to showcase your enthusiasm for motoring. A chrome or gold finish would give your car or motorcycle a bespoke and high-end look that reflects the personality of the owner or the brand, making for an incredible monument to the core values of your company or establishment. A historical example is the Midland Hotel in Manchester, famed for being the birthplace of Rolls Royce. As such, a classic Rolls Royce model sits outside the lobby doors, giving it an unmistakable prestige. Because it has no metal finish protection, it is situated under cover permanently. But imagine how a similar car could change the meaning of your building with the benefits of our lavish metal finishes, which not only add to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also provide an additional layer of protection against the elements, preserving the underlying material.

Sculptures & Statues

Sculptures and statues are designed to create impact and connect with an audience in an emotional and visual way. We see them everywhere from motor racing trophies to public art installations to enhance an area. Naturally, the luxurious texture of a liquid metal finish can be the perfect way to signify the importance of these moments and landmarks. Its ability to mimic the look and feel of solid metal, without the associated weight, makes it ideal for larger pieces that demand ease of movement or installation. From bespoke art installations to prestigious trophies for competitive events, your design can be elevated with a custom metal finish.

Metalised Flooring

Just like the shoes are the most defining piece of an outfit, the flooring can be the striking element that changes the atmosphere of a room. Incorporating liquid metal into flooring can reflect light and add depth to a room, making them an excellent choice for galleries, showrooms, or high-end retail spaces where making a dramatic impact is key.

Discover the Artistry of Metal Finishes with Revelare

At Revelare, our custom liquid metal surface coatings breathe life into design and architectural visions, turning them into stunning visual experiences. Our talented team works closely with you from the first spark of an idea to the grand unveiling, ensuring every detail aligns with your goal. Have a question or a creative concept in mind? We’re here to help. Contact us today for more details or request a sample to see how we can make your project truly special. Let Revelare be the magic touch that makes your project stand out.

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