Metal finishes

The Revelare selection of metal paint finishes is a veneer that blends the distinguished tactility of metal with the effortless versatility of paint. Comprised of 100% metal powders from recycled products, most substrates are suitable for our applied metal coatings and the look is preserved with a finishing seal of clearcoat. If authenticity is key to your product, you’ll relish seeing our liquid metal paint age and tarnish in the same way real metal would thanks to added chemical patination.


The versatility of Bronze finishes can extend to a wide variety of practical architectural and design applications such as decorative entrances, handles and statuary elements.


The muted, pared-back appearance of aluminium can allow for parts or components of your product to stand out.


Similar to our Bronze finish, our Brass finish appears in a more vivid yellowish hue. Find out more information on why you should choose this finish.

Yellow Brass

A more vibrant, slightly more yellow version of our Brass finish is our Yellow Brass finish which uses a marginally different proportion of copper to zinc in the alloy’s composition.


The rich orange-red colour of Copper is unique amongst metals, making it an ideal coating for your product.

Dubai Gold

The glittering luxury of our Dubai Gold finish is guaranteed to accentuate your product and give it a touch of elegance.

Rose Gold

The historic and present-day popularity of Rose Gold is a testament to its enduring beauty as an alternative to more traditional gold colours.


The gunsmoke finish can have a striking rustic effect on products in many different types of applications.


Of the many ferrous finishes made by Revelare, a simple Iron finish is often the ideal choice for projects in need of an authentic-looking surface coating.


The silvery-grey, iron-like appearance of a Manganese finish can make any product look superb and authentically like a hard metal.

Nickel Silver

Often referred to as German silver, Nickel Silver coatings are an ideal solution for your project when vibrant silver-like textures and finishes are required.

Stainless Steel

Products that are required to present a sanitised, clean appearance can benefit from our Stainless Steel finish.


The mirror-like appearance and light grey colour of a pure Tin finish make it a suitable choice for specific applications that call for a clean metallic liquid coating.


Somewhat similar in appearance to silver, the enormously strong Titanium makes for an excellent coating material for products.


Wonderfully shiny and grey in appearance, a Zinc finish from Revelare can make your product stand out from the pack.

Metal Finish Modifiers

On top of our metal finishes, you can apply our additional finish options to expand the possibilities even further. We are continually exploring and developing new ideas in how liquid metal finishes can transform a product or surface, and with these additional modifiers, you can protect yours with polish, seal it with a fine lacquer coating or leave it to age naturally. Fine-tune the long-term look of your product with these modifiers below.

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